Industrial Automation - Electrical and Mechanical

With Howard Electric, you will get exactly what you asked for; furthermore, you will secure an entire team of experts who will continue to provide repair service and technical support in the years to come. Our professional staff will gladly consult with you, design and develop your system(s), perform rigorous testing before delivering to you (or on-site, if necessary or desired), handle the packaging, shipping, installation, start-up, training of personnel, provide you with complete documentation, including the PLC/HMI code, and even keep a couple copies on flash and backup drives. We do the work; you OWN the product. We can provide remote services if allowed access to your network and the connected device(s) having issues by working with your IT Department which will ultimately reduce your downtime and save you money.

Why choose Howard Electric and Controls?

Our Expertise: Our staff consists of expert engineers and technicians, some with decades of experience, which excel at providing proven solutions for any technical issues you may encounter.

Our Service: Our success has been due to leaving satisfied customers at each job when it is finished. Regardless of your specific technical difficulty or level of expertise, when you get Howard Electric involved there is no doubt that you will be serviced in a timely and professional manner.

Our Dedication: Whether you need a small, custom hand tool or a plant floor full
of new, custom machines, Howard Electric has you covered from start to finish.
Each customer is as important as the next, and your satisfaction is paramount.